HIX ART | Eve Spencer

Eve Spencer

Untamed Company

Exhibition dates: 9th September – 2nd October 2015

Private view: 16th September 2015

Supper Club: 23rd September 2015


Celebrated chef and renowned patron of the arts Mark Hix has announced a prominent series of exhibitions, set to reverberate through London’s art and design world. Opening the series is Central Saint Martins’ ‘one to watch’ artist designer Helen Spencer on September the 9th. The roster also features the distinguished works of Miranda Donovan and Tim Noble.

Coinciding with London Design Festival and Shoreditch Design Triangle during September 2015, the hotly anticipated residency Untamed Company by Helen Spencer offers an intriguing narrative on the relationship between art and design. Visitors are promised a majestic, untamed experience of the creative inspiration that vitalises the artist’s family-run design house evespencer.com.

Untamed Company will see the traditional art setting of a formal gallery transformed into a decoratively staged spectacle, with Spencer’s protagonists cast through paintings, artwork and installations designed to encourage guests to pause, speculate and dream by challenging their own perceptions.

Central Saint Martins graduate and creative director Helen Spencer is one of a few artists handpicked by the prestigious art school as ‘ones to watch’. She explains, “I’ve been humbled and truly excited by the opportunity to work with Mark Hix again, and to get back to my fine art roots. The exhibition gives visitors a real insight into my world, what gives me reason to pause each day. It is said that the reality of art is the reality of imagination, and because my designs lean so heavily on my background I look to interiors as a canvas. eve spencer is a palette and philosophy for those who want to escape the beige and banal, and for those with a vision beyond the ordinary – but a distinct appreciation of the functional.”

The exhibition is one that Mark is particularly excited to have at HIX ART, “I’ve been an admirer of Helen’s art and the eve spencer design house for the past couple of years – we’ve had an original artwork which inspired one of their most popular designs hanging in our Lyme Regis Guest House for some time.”

The exhibition transcends a simple collection of artwork, and finds expression in the suspended animations, oscillations, formations, witticisms, and riotous story telling of nature. With an abstract interpretation of space and movement, the gallery is transformed into a glimpse inside the world of eve spencer. Cascading salmon leaping through a waterfall draw visitors down to an Alice-in-Wonderland Syndrome inspired table setting that defies common perspective. All the while, original paintings of the distinctive eve spencer avant-garde collection peer in from the walls as a giant sculptural heart beats life into the gallery.

Helen graduated from Central St Martins with a degree in fine art, never leaving London’s pulsing art districts in the East of the city. Her work for the family run eve spencer design house – eve the name selected for its fond recurrence across generations of women in her family – is a sumptuous celebration of life and nature in all its awesome honesty. With wallpaper or fabric prints of geometrically aligned insects whose beauty belies their reputation, rich, colourful montages that rustle with autumnal leaves, and perfectly regimented vegetables that you can almost taste, the collection is for those who really see the wonder of life itself.