• 25 Sep



Tuesday 8th August – Sunday 17th September
Private View: Monday 7th August 6:30 – 8:30pm

HIX ART are pleased to announce Any Day Now, an exhibition of paintings by Aaron Godwin-Lamptey (b.1982). Godwin-Lamptey undertook a foundation course at Wimbledon College of Art before completing his degree in Graphic design and experimental Illustration at London College of Communication. Since graduating from university, he has been exhibiting landscape paintings of his native Kingston and nearby Richmond Upon Thames.

His new series of paintings offer a transforming vision of the world, immersed in a sense of mystery. The works are rich in their suggestive meanings, which hold varying degrees of intensity or subtlety from his diverse lexis of images. Drawn from art history, popular culture and his love of language, his works explore the psychological and physical spaces between fiction and truth. The rich, often layered, surfaces of his paintings portray the artist's interest in abstract, formal qualities as well as the subject matter of the imagery itself.

The works have a sense of 'the familiar', recurrently portraying a place where natural and urban worlds collide. The rich colour palette and diverse surface processes imbue the paintings with elements of surrealism. We are confronted with challenging and contradicting pieces; exploring the duality of dreams, subverting ideas with elements and concepts geared towards 'the mysterious'. The paintings evoke states of disorientation, unease and provocation. Abstract urban motifs and marks subtly infiltrate and link the pieces together, forming a coherent narrative that runs through the exhibition. Animals are often used as vehicles and metaphors for personifications of human consciousness, emotions and subverting power struggles.

Any Day Now will be Godwin-Lamptey's first major solo show in London, showcasing a new body of work to be exhibited together for the first time.

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