AWE Exhibition

Empowering and Celebrating (emerging and sometimes struggling) Female Artists
Through Exhibition in Central London

2nd – 5th Feb 2018

A.W.E is a 4-­‐day exhibition featuring artworks by 12 emerging female artists and will be hosted at The Bloomsbury from the 2nd to 5th February 2018.

Making art accessible -­‐ it will open to the public for free and is an opportunity to purchase and view Art alongside a portrait photo of the artist themselves, offering the viewer a glimpse of the individual behind the works too.

AWE is the brainchild of Marchella De Angelis and Daniele Mah, two sisters who have always held a passion and an admiration for the ingenuity of all that is creative. Marchella is also the helmswoman at Victory8Events, a company that aspires to promote female equality through inspirational and diverse initiatives.

‘We hope AWE will translate into a committed voice of advocacy for equality within the Arts world that is not based on gender, connections or what the establishment may choose to applaud but simply on the merit of its quality and affordability.

We have therefore set out to create a symbiotic plaPorm where organisations, individuals and businesses with no specific Art background can rally encouragement and reinforcement, whilst simultaneously appreciating and admiring seriously good work from undiscovered creatives, because we all know the Art world and its’ establishment can oSen be one big hurdle ‘

In tandem with this initiative is also a partnership with Centrepoint – the leading charity for homeless and vulnerable 16-­‐25 year olds.

A Gala Dinner and charity auction held on Saturday 3rd Feb will aim to raise money for the charity by selling 12 pieces of Art generously donated by each of the featured artists.

In addition, each artist has also committed to hosting a free one-­‐day workshop within the charity headquarters as Centrepoint seeks to use Art as a medium of healing, optimism and encouragement for those they help.

Richard Utting, Head of Philanthropy and Events said, “We’re so grateful for the support of AWE. Art is in itself a type of therapy and allows young people staying with Centrepoint to create a path for themselves to deal with the trauma they have faced as a result of homelessness. Allowing them to have that creative space is imperative to their development, not only helping them build the confidence to approach new situations in a positive manner, but also, to encourage them to consider a career in a creative industry. Artists are entrepreneurs in their own right. Meeting the artists exhibiting work for AWE will give young people an insight into a world they might not realise can take them somewhere ”

Other joint partners to support this inaugural event include Penny Banks, Barone Pizzini and The Bloomsbury.

The Bloomsbury is at the center of London’s theatre and literary heartland where the ‘Art Circle’ was first born and the ethos of this exciting event marries with their spirit and passion for culture and the arts.

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Featured artists for AWE:

Ana Milenkovic                                        Antonia Showering
Daniele Mah                                            Katie Buckett
Elysia Byrd                                                Michal Cole
Nancy Fouts                                             Nicola Grellier
Phang Gung Fook                                   Rosso
Venetia Berry                                          Yumi Katayama


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