UAL Camberwell Degree Show


Yesterday the CNB team were amazed when we went to visit the University of the arts London degree show in Camberwell. The event was well staffed and the many blue posters were displayed clearly and were easy to read to lead us around the building.  We had a personal tour guide yesterday as our Gallery Director, Rebecca Lidert, had a nostalgic trip as she was once a sculpture student at Camberwell.

jennifer n r smith

We loved the clear demonstration of attention to detail in the presentation of installing and making the work. The finish to works was at a professional standard and we especially loved the variety of seating and headphone arrangements throughout the film, video and installation pieces. We were excited to see potential HIX award applicants and hope lots of people took one of our flyers dotted around the campus. Thank you Camberwell for a great day, and we wish all artists good luck with your future careers.




Freya Boittier