HIX Award

Today, we have just opened our exciting HIX Award exhibition! All the finalists are extremely talented, fresh out of art school, each with their own specific style and approach towards concepts. The pieces themselves are full of meaning and underlying messages, enriching the exhibition by providing both aesthetic appeal and also intellectual. As the new, young generation of artists, they reflect the future and direction of modern British art.


Marcin T. Jozefiak 'James Blite'e9c4712cc708-4


This amazingly constructed photograph by Marcin T. Jozefiak ‘James Blite’ is one of his four entries for the award. This is my personal favourite because of the delicately captured fallen light on the figure and her surroundings creating a chiaroscuro effect, softening and giving depth to the image. The use of a vivid blue gives the picture vitality and power. The figure herself is almost vulnerable, exposed, as if caught in a private and intimate moment. Light beams fall on her, giving us insight into her life as the open window opposite to the viewer would suggest. This use of openings, as well as the exploration of inside and outside, reminded me of 17th century Dutch ‘genre’ paintings. Particularly De Hooch’s ‘The Courtyard of a House in Delft’. Both pieces, although one modern and another traditional, communicate a sense of serenity and calm, with the artists exploring the figures within their environments.

 picture 1

 This is just one of our many beautiful and brilliant pieces- don’t miss out on this exhibition, come as soon as possible!