“In our collective dark and primitive days, our creativity, in all its various and complex forms has allowed us to harness fire, to create paints with which we captured our worlds on cave walls to survive. But now, in our modern world far removed from the dangers faced in our past, our creative outputs allow us to escape, to battle, to resist being swept without noise or question through life from ‘A’ to ‘B’.

Our creativity flecks our lives with bright scars of our passions, creates memories and moments that infuse and enrich all of us, guiding us from existence to living in the most human sense of the word.

All lives are made less of an ordeal of survival, less transient and meaningless, more beautiful and permanent by the channels we use to indulge our minds and bodies in creativity.

Treasuring and nurturing these channels and outputs is therefore essential to our collective humanity – and this can be hard to remember in our lives focuses on productivity and economic performance.”

– Charles Butters